Science in Evidence
1997 Anderson Publishing Co

1998-2009 DH Kaye

Table of Contents


Part I. Orientation: The Nature of Forensic Science

Chapter 1. Forensic Science in an Adversarial System
Chapter 2. Communicating Scientific Findings in Court

Part II. Forensic Pathology and Toxicology

Chapter 3. Medicolegal Death Investigations
Chapter 4. Bringing the Autopsy into the Courtroom
Chapter 5. Alcohol Intoxication Tests

Part III. Judicial Scrutiny of New Scientific Tests

Chapter 6. The General Acceptance Standard (pdf file)
Chapter 7. The Scientific Soundness Standard

Part S-IV. Some Classic Identification Methods

Chapter S-08. Fingerprinting

Part IV. Genetic Markers for Identity

Chapter 8. Serology
Chapter 9. Parentage Testing: Civil Cases
Chapter 10. Parentage Testing: Criminal Cases
Chapter 11. DNA Typing: The Salad Years
Chapter 12. DNA Typing: A Time to Question
Chapter 13. DNA Typing: A Time to Compromise?
Chapter 14. DNA Typing: Lingering and Emerging Issues
Chapter S-14. DNA Typing: Freeing the Innocent

Part V. Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology

Chapter 15. Sanity and Some Other Things
Chapter 16. Predicting Violence
Chapter 17. Testing for Truth
Chapter 18. Enhancing Memory
Chapter 19. Generalizations about Eyewitnesses
Chapter 20. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Syndromes and Profiles

Part VI. Science in Toxic Tort Cases

Chapter 21. Epidemiology and Toxicology

Table of Cases

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