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E-mail: Phone: (480) 965-2922
Mail: College of Law
Arizona State University
Box 877906
Tempe AZ 85287-7906
Fax: (480) 965-2427

Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to reply to all inquiries. My policies for responding are described below:


  • I am happy to respond to ASU law school students who, after researching an issue for a law school class or activity, have unanswered questions.
  • I read papers written for publication by students at other schools as time permits.
  • I do not provide research assistance for students writing course papers or working for law firms. In other words, please do not ask me what cases are important, what articles or books you should start off reading, what the current issues are, etc. I believe that you should develop the research skills to begin the study of an area or issue on your own.


  • Consulting on cases for paying clients is available on an hourly fee basis. The charge can be waived for pro bono work.

Free Legal Advice

I do not provide legal assistance to the general public. Not being an active member of the bar, I am prohibited from practicing law. Moreover, I lack current expertise in most areas of the law, and my teaching, research, and other commitments keep me from analyzing most legal issues associated with individual problems. However, there are several lawyer organizations that might be able to help you with your court case.

  • The Lawyer Referral Service (LRS), maintained by the Maricopa County Bar Association, will connect you with a lawyer who can give you a half hour of legal advice for a flat fee of $35.00. You can ask the lawyer to represent you on your case. Once the first half-hour is over, the lawyer can charge his or her normal fee. To schedule an appointment, please call LRS at (602) 257-4434.
  • Watch Channel 12 KPNX and call the Lawyers on Call hotline for free legal advice on the first Friday of each month. The hotline number is (602) 260-1212, and is open between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. For more information, call (602) 340-7293.
  • Community Legal Services (CLS) is a non-profit law firm that can help poor and low income persons with various types of civil legal problems. CLS provides legal help only to people whose income is at or near the federal poverty guidelines. CLS has offices in Central and West Phoenix, in Mesa and in other locations in Arizona. CLS offers direct representation by a lawyer, or more often through workshops that help you in filling out the legal paperwork necessary to represent yourself. CLS has strict financial guidelines about who it can help. It takes cases involving domestic violence, divorce, paternity, custody, landlord-tenant, housing, AFDC, and AHCCCS. For more information, call CLS at (602) 258-3434.