Ira Mark Ellman

Charles J. Merriam Distinguished Professor of Law,

Affiliate Professor of Psychology,And

Fellow, Center for the Study of Law, Science, & Technology


College of Law
Arizona State University
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Tempe, AZ  85287-7906
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  • CHILDSHARE: A Tool to Analyze and Create Rational Child Support Guidelines

Childshare is an extremely sophisticated tool that automatically provides quantitative evaluative information that is essential for any committee or consultant preparing child support guidelines. The current version automatically generates the support amounts provided by the user's choice of the guidelines currently in force in Arizona, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, and also allows the user to generate support amounts based on his or her own guidelines, through several different methods, or manually. Child support amounts produced, no matter how generated, are then compared to a set of benchmarks chosen by the user from a broad array of choices. These benchmarks reference a choice of measures of both a middle class living standard, and a minimally adequate living standard. Considerable additional information is also provided. Developed by Tara Ellman, this tool allows the user to implement the method of guideline creation recommended in The Theory of Child Support, 45 Harvard Journal on Legislation 107 (2008), by Ira and Tara Ellman and available for free download from the Articles tab on this website.. More information about Childshare is available by contacting the authors. Childshare may be downloaded from the link provided here, but download requires a password.

Click here to download (password required).