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  Recent Derivative Works Based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's Classic 
The Secret Garden

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Derivative Works Based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's Classic The Secret Garden (1911)

The entrance into the public domain of The Secret Garden has spawned a huge outpouring of new and creative derivative works.  The list below is taken from only the first 100 Google hits using the search words "Hodgson Secret Garden."  How many of these works would be available, and at what price, if this classic work had not entered the public domain?

Movie, The Secret Garden (1993), Warner Bros.

Musical, The Secret Garden (1991), music by Lucy Simon, book & lyrics by Marsha Norman

Cabaret adaptation, The Secret Garden, Studio 54 (New York)\

Made-for-TV adaptation, The Secret Garden (1987), starring Gennie James and Derek Jacobi

Cookbook, The Secret Garden Cookbook : Recipes Inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett's the Secret Garden (1999), by Amy Cotler and others

Searchable Online Version, The Secret Garden

CD-ROM Version, The Secret Garden on CD-ROM, Antelope Publishing

Musical Adaptation, The Secret Garden (1999), by Frumi Cohen

Annotated with hyperlinks, The Secret Garden (annotations advancing emotional literacy education)

Audiobook, The Secret Garden, read by Johanna Ward

Radio Theater, The Secret Garden

Stage Production, The Secret Garden, adapted by Sylvia Ashby, directed by Eric Gomes, produced by Suzanne Avtges

BBC Playhouse Video, The Secret Garden (1988)

Reading Guide, Family Reading Guide to The Secret Garden (sample chapter)