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  Cumulative Authorship of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
Tim Phillips

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     One very well-documented case a work of cumulative authorship is the Christmas hymn "Hark the Herald Angels Sing".  The chart shows the development through many versions of the version that is now found in the Episcopal Church's hymnal.  Besides deletions of 16 of Charles Wesley's original lines, these changes are (1) verbal changes by Whitefield (1753); (2) verbal changes by Madan (1760); (3) the introduction of a refrain by the 1782 Cambridge editors of the New Version of Tate and Brady; (4) verbal changes first attested in Kempthorne (1810); (5) re-ordering of lines by the 1826 American editors; and (6) verbal changes for the 1982 hymnal.  (The arrows in the chart may not be 100% accurate.  Some of the relevant primary sources, when they become available, may require some of the arrows to be re-drawn.  But we are confident that most of them are right.)

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