Congressional Names and Addresses
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     I apologize that I have not had the time to update these congressional addresses.  I hope to have a research assistant next year who can attend to it.  I leave the page here because so many in Congress are back year after year, so perhaps some of the contact information will still be correct.  (Written 3-26-02)



Congressional Names and Addresses (106th Congress) 
The key committees in Congress for intellectual property matters are the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. Senate Judiciary has no subcommittee for intellectual property matters, but House Judiciary does. Almost nothing gets done in this area without going through these committees, which are stacked with representative of copyright interests, such as the music publishers and the entertainment industry. Here are the names and addresses of the members of these committees for the 106th Congress 1999-2000).        A good source of contact information for most other members of Congress is the Thomas web site.  This site also contains information on the status of current bills.  Try these links to reach other members of the House Judiciary Committee, the full House of Representatives (mailing addresses only), and the full Senate.  (If they don't work, go to Thomas directly and work your way through the House and Senate directories located there.  The Thomas web site sometimes changes its internal addresses, making it difficult to keep links up to date.) 

   Click here for sample (if ultimately futile) letters that I and others wrote to Congress in opposition to copyright term extension. 

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