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     The Free Expression Policy Project includes materials on Eldred specifically and on more general problems between intellectual property rights and free expression.  See Marjorie Heins,  The Delicate Balance between Copyright and Free Expression and  "Intellectual Property" and Intellectual Freedom.

     Actions and Arguments in support of finding the Copyright Term Extension Act
(CTEA) Unconstitutional
.  Perspectives from the Art Historical and Visual Resources Communities, including examples of how the CTEA is making research and teaching life difficult for art historians and visual resource personnel.

     The Music Relief Association is "dedicated to freeing music on the internet."  It seeks to amend the copyright law to allow personal uses of web files, especially MIDI music files, as a "fair use."

    The Graveyard is a subpage of Melody Lane operated by Jill B.  It lists songs that had to be removed from the Melody Lane site because their copyrights were extended by the Sonny Bono term extension or by section 104A of the Copyright Act, restoring copyright to foreign works that had entered the public domain in the United States due to failure to follow the formal requirements of US copyright law prior to the 1976 Copyright Act.  Melody Lane is a wonderful site that contains hundreds of public domain musical works in MIDI format for your listening enjoyment.

    Limiting Copyright by Susan Aker contains articles, links, and commentary on the subject of copyright and the Public Domain. 

     Union for the Public Domain 

Visit Copyright's Commons for the latest on what is happening in the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act.

For information on public domain music, try The Kitchen Musician's Hammered Dulcimer Site and/or Royalty-Free Music/Katzmarek Publishing. 

To learn more about film issues and the negative implications of copyright extension for the creativity of filmmakers, send an email to Larry Urbanski of the American Film Heritage Association. 

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