Copyright Law



December 12, 2013

The final examination in Copyright Law is on Monday December 16 at 1 pm.  The exam consists of two essay questions that you are to answer in 2 hours. You are permitted to have with you and to use during the examination your textbook, the statutory supplement or other printed version of the Copyright Act, any class handout materials (including materials printed from the Course Materials web page for the class), your class notes, and any other written materials made by you or your study group (not photocopied from printed materials). You may also make use of materials that are stored on the computer you are using to write the exam answers. During the examination you are permitted to visit the class web page at, including any links from that page, but visiting any other internet site during the examination will be considered a violation of the College Honor Code.

One of the questions on this year’s exam concerns secondary liability on the internet. A careful review prior to the exam of all of the secondary liability materials we have studied, and in particular Perfect 10 v. Visa (text p. 493), the Second Circuit’s decision in Viacom v. YouTube (assigned through the Syllabus), and section 512 of the Copyright Act (text pp. 508-14), might therefore prove helpful.

I should generally be available for questions in the days prior to the exam, including Monday morning.

Good luck!